Operating a successful business includes recognizing the need to operate within a global economy; one in which smart business practices take advantage of goods and services from around the world to remain competitive. Data is securely transferred and maintained, collaboration procedures have been established and simplified, and an easily available workforce is constantly present to ensure we meet all client deadlines.

Naval Architecture

Concept, Preliminary, Contract and Functional Design

Design and Feasibility Studies

Vessel Conversion / Retrofitting Studies and Engineering

Hull Development, Definition and Fairing

Model Development

Construction Cost Estimation


Pipe Specification Development

General and Process Piping System Design

Fabrication Isometric Development

Piping System Walkdowns

Insulation Specifications

HVAC Systems


Process Engineering Design

PFD/P&ID Development

Material & energy balance preparation

Process equipment sizing, specification, and selection

Process Instrument and Valve Sizing, Specification, Dnd Selection

Pailot Plant Design

Process Control Narrative Development

Process Hazop


Concept Development

Production Drawing

Mechanical Drawing

3D Rendering and Modeling

Patent Drawings

Details Drawing


Electrical schematics

I/O Schedules

Hardware Design Specifications

Panel layouts and General Arrangement drawings

Loop drawings

Cable Schedules

Containment Specification

Critical spares list


Finite Element Analysis

Seakeeping and Hydrodynamics Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

Electrical Power loads

Risk Assessment

Maintenance Management Studies

Failure modes and Effects

Technical Documentation

Production BOM

Test / Commissioning Procedures

Installation Documentation

Operating Manuals

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