Project Management

Marinegenic proposes a wide range of project management services that contribute to each project success. We are experienced to work at different phases and assigned to multiple scopes of work for medium and large project executions. From shipbuilding to plant construction, our multi-expertise team is a strong asset in your project sustainability, feasibility, and support.

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office brings together a set of processes, methods, and tools to ensure the successful completion of investment projects in terms of quality, deadlines and costs. Managing complex projects require robust steering and processes. Implementing a PMO approach is therefore more essential for this type of project. As system is therefore involved in all aspects of PMO and assists its clients in the operational management of their projects by providing expertise, flexibility and competitiveness.

Drawing and Design Approval

MARINEGENIC works as a team during plan approval service phase. We coordinate on specific scopes of the review process based on each specialties. We provide all the necessary feedback, comments and requests taking into consideration the top-of-the-line industry practices while ensuring full traceability and checklist establishment used for the construction supervision.

Project Scheduling

In support to project owners, EPC and fabricators, our scheduling services is dedicated to our client’s project. By utilizing a variety of project management softwares to analyse and plan large-scale projects, our service leads to significant time saving advantages for our clients.

Construction Supervision

With over 45 project construction supervision, Marinegenic construction supervision services are highly developed and standardized to assist shipowners, builders, site owners and organizations in supervising the construction of complex projects, such as vessel new building, power plant, manufacturing plants, green energy stations, and coastal structure. With a flexible and scalable model, we offer a cost-effective solution with fully controlled outcomes.

Technical Bidding /Specification Redaction

Producing clear technical documentation for your projects requires the complex management of several disciplines. Plus, you need to ensure that your documents fulfill arange of statutory requirements. Our technical documentation services cover all aspects of the process for you – from planning and production to publishing the final documents in line with required standards.

QA / QC Support

Any construction requires an independent quality division to oversee the compliances of the projects with international standards, engineering specifications and contractual requirements. Integrated in the production execution, our team of quality and technical engineers follows a tailored QA/QC documentation design specifically for the project. By ensuring inspection, whether official or internal, our team generate, track and inform our clients of any deviation, technical issues, and acceptance litigation in the goal to remain100% pro-active and limit delays.

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